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Lament by Pat Coldrick

Here's Olivia Chiang playing Pat Coldrick's Lament on a 2012 Ovia by Tony Chen 'Byers' model classical guitar. Recorded at the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA.


David Grimes

Gregg Nestor

Daniel Roest

Jovan Pesec

“It is always such a distinct pleasure to hear Olivia Chiang. In addition to having a clear talent and a love for the instrument, she also brings an elevated approach to the music that is uncommon in one so young.”

"Guitarist Olivia Chang is on the rise to be a star in the guitar world. Her understanding of the intricacies and sonic possibilities of the instrument belie her age and maturity. A refreshing approach and highly recommended."

"Like many others, I have watched her grow in technical skill and individual artistry for years. Always moving forward, taking on very difficult repertoire, Olivia stands out among the best teenage classical guitarists today."

"Of the tracks I liked especially well: the famous "Chaconne" by J.S. Bach and "The streets of Rio" by Maurice Sherbance. But also all the other tracks are worth listening to. Bravo Olivia."

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